Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day By Day

Lately, when I say that I'm living day by day ... I really mean it.  Sometimes it feels like hour by hour or minute by minute, cause I have no idea what my body ... or, for that matter, my emotions are going to do or be like.

I really hate this.  One minute I have all this energy and feel on top of the world ...  and the next, I'm so drained and cry at the drop of a hat ... or snap at someone for something stupidly small.  Those who know me, know this is Not me, but what about those that don't.  They must think I'm this horrible person that flies of  the handle or lazy, cause I need to go somewhere and just sleep.

Yeah ... the perpetual insomniac that curls up and just goes to sleep ... no matter where she is.  She could just sleep for a few minutes and be refreshed, or stay that way ... in and out ... for a day or two.  Now you know why you will see me ... then I will suddenly disappear for a while.

I will be sooooooo glad when this Crap is over!!!

Need to get off for a while ... cause it seems my body thinks it's naptime or something.  Maybe I can write more later.  Till then ... Peace ... and don't forget to tell someone you know how you love or care about ... how you feel.  Who knows ... maybe it's a bad day for them and they need a reason to smile ...