Tuesday, August 5, 2008

RIP - Marian Lee Thomas - Updated

I'm not sure if I spelled Lee's first name right or not. It's the same name that John Wayne was born with ... but we all called him Lee.

Lee was one of my cousins ... one of my Uncle Eddie's sons ... and the second one to die of a sudden heart attack. If I remember correctly ... he was also the baby of the family. The other one to die the same way was Chucky ... the eldest. They both had the same father ... but different mothers.

I have more to say about him ... but I will leave it for now ... when I can write without crying. Then I will tell you about his amazing talents and enormous love.

For now ...

I will miss you very much Lee.

(Later Note: What really makes me mad right now is ... he is in Clearwater, FL ... we are in NE TX and NE OK ... and no one has the money to go. I would drive ... that wouldn't bother me ... but he will have no family to say good bye ... and to me ... that TOTALLY SUCKS!!! I also found out he had no insurance ... so no money to bury him ... and I can't help!!! GRRRRRR)

Sorry ... had to vent a little ... don't think you want me to vent all of it ...

Update ...
I thank you all for the prayers!!!

Lee's co-workers and friends were able to gather enough money to pay for the funeral ... my son Liko was already scheduled to be in P'cola, so he will be able to go down there to represent those of us that were not able to physically make it..

I still needed to vent though ... it helped ... as well as the kind words you have sent this way.