Friday, June 10, 2011

It's been a while ...

Now ... if I could just get my pc to working again and stop having to borrow op's (other people's) I might actually try to catch everything up.  Right now I'm sitting in the waiting room @ ETMC in Tyler, waiting for my mom's heart doctor to come and tell me she is alright and won't have to stay.  

In April, she had a mini stroke and now they are going to make sure there aren't any other little clots floating around.  A couple of weeks ago, they did a sonogram on the arteries that run from her heart to her brain.  They said then that if everything was ok, she wouldn't have to be here today.

So far, they knocked her out for a while so they could do another sonogram of her heart, but instead of doing it from the front, they put the it down her throat to take "pictures" of the back of her heart.  The dr. said it looked good except for a little hardening ... which they will explore that one further when they do the Heart Cath ... that's where they make a hole in the groin area (to access the main artery) and shove a tube up until it reaches the heart.  If it's something they can fix right then ... they will ... by either doing an Angioplasty (blowing up a little balloon to clear away any blockage.  It's better explained here ... ... I know what it is and what it does, but not sure how to explain it.

Now, if they can't clear a blockage, or in a bad area, they will put in wire mesh they call a Stent ... explained here ... ... and is permanent.  If they have to do that, then she will have to spend the night here ... and my mom hates being in the hospital ... even for one night.  I don'y blame her ... I don't either.

Ok ... that's enough for now ... no one will probably read this ... but, at least I got it off my chest.